Blog Crushes

Bloggers I actually know and LOVE:
The Fat Gurl Chronicles - my very funny and insightful coworker
Made by Molly - my cute friend Molly and all her crafty glory
Showered by Flowers - my friend, Sara's, floral blog
Big Girl Pants -  my very best friend from 6th grade.  We used to co-write stories and dream of owning a bookstore.

Bloggers I wish I knew and LOVE:
Flower Patch Farm Girl - my blogging kindered spirit
Mama's Losin' It - Mama Kat is hilarious!
Meadowbrook Farm - This blog gives me both photo envy and farm envy.
Mustard Seed Creations - In my next life, I will upcycle stuff like Miss Mustard Seed.
Nesting Place - This blog inspires me to up my womanly-ness.
Inside a Black Apple - one of my new favorite artists
Oh, Hello Friend - always sweet and inspiring
the Journey - This blog, written by a missionary in Uganda, consistently rocks my world.
Adventures of an American Mum - more photo envy
Piewacket - even more photo envy
the Farm Chicks - yummy recipies and country fun
Daisy Cottage - super cheery and tooth-rotting sweet