Monday, March 29, 2010

Roommate Date Night

Last week, Roomy and I decided we needed a reason to be cute and girly, so we took ourselves on a Roommate Date on Friday night. We decided to really do it up!  Roomy had a new dress to wear that she recently bought at a consignment shop.  I did not have a new dress because I hate to shop for clothes.  Luckily, Roomy has a closet full of clothes that are stylish and fun that she is super generous with.  She always lets me borrow great stuff.  I really like and appreciate it, but a small part of my brain thinks she is enabling my dislike of shopping and that it may not be healthy.  The rest of my brain tells the little part to shut up though and I get to wear new clothes without having to shop.

Roomy's new vintage dress

Roomy's other dress that she let me borrow, thus enabling me to continue refraining from shopping.
Seriously though, if you got to borrow clothes like these, would you spend your own time and effort looking for other dresses?
We spent ages getting ready, making our hair and make up perfect.  Roomy curled her hair. I ratted my bangs.  I wore sparkley eyeliner and glittery make up.  Roomy went with a more adult look. To compliment my whimsical make up, I broke out the whimsical accessories.
1. A cute little clutch with a bow that always makes me think of the wedding I bought it for.  2. A hair bow I decided to make at the last minute that turned out adorable.  3. Bow earrings that belonged to my great grandmother. When she passed away, I inherited 130 pairs of earrings! 4. A necklace that also belonged to my great grandmother.  I love wearing her jewelry and thinking about why she bought it and where she wore it.  My grandmother gave it all to me because she said it was meant to be worn and loved, so I try to honor that.

When we were finally ready - perfection takes a while - we headed into the city to go out to dinner downtown.  We found a parking spot in a lot that we though took debit cards because neither of us had cash.  When I tried to pay, the cute but mumbling and sort of awkward parking attendant told me that I needed cash and that I could get it from the ATM across the street.  Roomy was still locking the car, so I left her and headed to the crosswalk.
Because it was a special date night, I decided to wear high heels.  I don't often wear heels because I'm a little on the clumsy side and heels make accidents more frequent.  I really should have known better.  The sidewalks downtown aren't very even and there are lots of spectators, and to top it off, these particular heels are just a skosh too big.  Of course, just as I stepped off the curb, my heel got caught on something.  I managed to take three or four wobbley steps.  They were the kind of steps when everything is in slow motion and you know you're going to fall and you're trying to work out how you can kind of salvage the situation and fall gracefully. They lasted just long enough for me to get out into the center of the intersection, and then I fell.  It was not just a small trip.  No, I did a face plant into the crosswalk, in front of a line of cars and countless spectators enjoying their Friday night. 
When I managed to peel my dignity off the street, I quickly checked myself for bruises and abrasions.  Miraculously, I was totally intact.  I even managed to hang on to the debit card in my left hand!  The woman in front of me in the crosswalk asked if I was alright and then exclaimed that she had been afraid that I was going to fall on her.  A couple sitting outside a bar told me that nobody had seen. Countless drivers stared open-mouthed.  So much for graceful falling. I wonder exactly how many people got a peek at my pretty, pink panties.
I made it to the sidewalk and looked for Roomy, who I was sure must be on the other side of the street laughing her head off.  She wasn't laughing.  She wasn't even looking on with concern for my safety.  She was too busy flirting with the parking attendant!  She totally missed the whole incident, flying limbs, short skirt and all!
Since Roomy had no idea I had fallen, I decided to play it cool.  I didn't have to tell her that I was not capable of walking across the street.  Instead, I would act like I'd managed it, just like any other normal person.  I went to the ATM fully intending to return with the cash and act like nothing happened. 
There was just one problem.  When I got to the ATM, I realized that I had suffered a casualty in the battle with the street.  My poor, old debit card did not survive.  I only made it through with one half in my hand.  If you find the bottom half of an ATM card on the street in Belltown, it belongs to me.  Tell it I appreciate its sacrifice and that it was all worth it because I didn't scrape a knee or an elbow.

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  1. so funny. im at work lol'ing:)
    PS i wasn't flirting with the mumbler who thought i was canadian.
    i, personally, am glad i didnt see the fall because now i can imagine it and make it as glorious as i see fit, and i won't have the true image in my head messing it all up.

    stuff. things. doing crap. whatever. heart.


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