Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Please allow me to begin my rant today by sharing this blog post that made me laugh out loud this morning! (I'm pretty sure Ruth Krauss is A.) a lunatic, B.) my new favorite author and C.) an untapped crafting gold mine!)  I found this gem of a book on Lane Smith's blog, Curious Pages: Recommended Inappropriate Books for Kids. 

In case you're not convinced to take a look at Lane's post, please admire the sheer kookery of this project:

But, this is a blog about womanly things, NOT children's literature, so let's (reluctantly) say good bye to Lane and move on to Accessories!
As I look thru my favorite blogs, I often find pictures of rooms that I think are amazing! They are sweet and put together and FULL of beautiful accessories!

Accessories like the Nester's WOMANLY apothecary jars.

Or this beautiful dresser-scape also from the Nester.

Or this WOMALY apothecary jar and *groan* antique scale from Miss Mustard Seed's guest bathroom.

And this WOMALY dining room table top from the Lettered Cottage. (Do you see those green eggs that match the green apples that match the green tulip stems?!)
Pictures like these make me weak in the knees!  I dream about my big, old house full of perfect children and perfect pets, immaculately clean and chalk full of accessories like these.  Then I wake up and I remember that I CAN'T stand clutter or nick-nacks in my house!  The top of my book case: empty!  My coffee table: empty!  My breakfast bar that is too shallow for stools: empty. The fairy tale me is very into shabby chic with accessories all over the place. The real me is almost modern with funky framed fabric from Ikea and not a nick-nack in sight.  I think the WOMANLY me should somehow negotiate a compromise between the two. So that all three of us can live happily ever after!

Sorry, I just had to share one more oddity!  Thanks for sharing, Lane!

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