Saturday, February 20, 2010

Womanly Craft: A House of Love

Back in December, I discovered these adorable paper houses created by the fabulous, creative Anna at twelve22.  They really spoke to me, probably because I have been hurt and disappointed many times by gingerbread houses gone awry.  Forgetting that I hate clutter of all sorts, I began dreaming of a whole paper cottage village.  By the time all my other Christmas decorations found homes, I realized I did not have a spare surface for my little houses, so I filed the patterns away in my pile of deferred craft dreams.
Today, I got the chance to resurrect one of them! 
A friend called me this morning, sad because she was feeling weighed down by existential pressure, dealing with a quarter life crisis, as John Meyer might say.  We chatted for quite a while and tried to figure it all out, but were not were not very successful.  I decided to go visit her at work and take a little present to cheer her up.  What to take though?  Then I remembered the little Christmas cottages!  The pre made ones were a little too Christmas-y for the occasion, but the fabulous, creative Anna made a blank template to decorate however I want!  I "borrowed" quite a few elements from the original, but managed to create something adorable and special, just like my dear friend!

"Borrowing" details from Anna's house.  I can't believe her attention to even the tiniest details!

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