Monday, February 1, 2010

A woman-skill kind of day: baking AND knitting

First of all, let me address the elephant in the room.  In my last post, I promised to try to stop doing things like licking walls full of other people's gum.  I've got to be real; that's probably not going to happen.  In ninth grade, my lips were pretty badly burnt when I kissed my parents' lit fireplace during a game of truth-or-dare.  If burns and the aftermath of weeks with chapped, peeling lips did not deter me from putting my mouth in odd places, the botulism, or whatever diseases were lurking on that wall, probably won't either.

Until today, I was confident that I had mastered the important woman skill, baking chocolate chip cookies.  I know to add a little extra vanilla and more brown sugar than white sugar.  And a tip I recently learned, drop the cookie sheets right after you take them out of the oven to knock the air out of the cookies and keep them chewy.  Unfortunately, I am not immune to burning them. It was crazy; they went from raw to burned in seconds.  It was especially embarrassing because I was baking them for my womanly friends who came over to knit tonight.

Luckily, knitting turned out much better.  I taught two ladies to knit, one successfully, one "creatively," and worked on a scarf I started making for my brother's eighteenth birthday...hopefully it will be finished by his nineteenth birthday, next Sunday.  I had a lovely evening, chatting and knitting and laughing at my friends' attempts to knit.

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