Thursday, February 11, 2010

Closed Minded?

I have several things to clear up before I officially begin this post:
1) No, I have not cleaned my room yet.  The shame that comes from having posted a disgusting picture of my room online has apparently not given me enough motivation.  Maybe the shame of having to admit that I haven't cleaned my room despite the shame of posting a picture of it on my blog will be enough.  Maybe...
2) I did not finish Adam's scarf in time for his birthday.  Oh well, there's always his 20th birthday, and since he did not give me a Christmas or birthday present this year, I don't feel too bad.
3) All of my cleaning and blogging time lately has been gobbled up by my new obsession, Doctor Who. A boy in my Sunday School class told me that I would love it and probably should put a David Tennant poster up on my wall.  I do love the show, but I'm not quite ready for David's poster. His eyes are too intense, a little like a crazy person. I did have a Doctor Who dream last night though.

Now, on to the main event!

In the 21st century, we have access to an incredible amount of information.  A reasonable person might think that this would make people more well rounded and better informed.  According to a story I heard on NPR, this just isn't true.  Instead of seeking out information from a wide variety of sources, people mostly read stuff written by people who think like them.  So their oppinions are enforced and the other guys look like idiots.  When I heard this, I shook my head with all the moral superiority I could muster.  "Oh, you people," I thought. "You're so closed minded.  Why don't you try listening to someone different from you."  Of course, I knew I was different.  I'm all about dialogue and I'm totally interested in the opinions of people who are different from me.  Right?
Not so much.
A quick glance at my Google Reader shows that I almost exclusively follow mommy blogs and craft blogs that lean toward the rural side. Pretty much, I read stuff from the women I hope to be. 
My biggest blog-crush is totally the Pioneer Woman (of course who isn't just a little bit in love with her?).  Her photography and sassy writing make me want to move to Northern Oklahoma.
If Oklahoma doesn't work out, I've got a back up plan, Montana.  I recently fell in love with Teresa at Meadowbrook Farm.  Teresa, can I PLEASE just move into your house?
The one, redeeming blog I follow from the person who thinks the least like me has got to be the Sartorialist.  He's a fashionista, who has taught me that you can pretty much wear whatever you want, as long as you have the appropriate attitude.
So, maybe I am a little closed minded.  I mostly like to read stuff that agrees with me.  I guess that's okay, as long as I keep in mind that other opinions do exist and they are often intelligent and well thought out.  At least now, the morally superior look has been wiped off my face.

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